Hello.  I am an artist living in Southern California.  Portraits are made from 2×4’s cut into multi dimensional wood cubes.  Individually painted, then handset into place.  Also making Sculpture Portraits.  All art featured here is available for purchase.  Please inquire for pricing and see my art supplies on PanelsByChris.com  CUSTOM  AVAILABLE. 

The Mona Lisa
The wood was milled and chopped into cubes with 7 different depths, then  arranged to make a left to right wave pattern. 2279 pieces. 20 shades. 27×34″.

chrisbundy.com ML 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com ML 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com ML 3.png

Marilyn Monroe
The wood was milled into 1″ and 1 1/4″ cubes, then painted and arranged to make a checkered depth pattern. 31×31″. 20 shades. 2209 pieces.

chrisbundy.com MM2 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com MM2 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com MM2 3.jpg

Horse Portrait
Here’s a portrait I did for the Eynon family of their beloved horse Coco.  30×33″. 16 colors. 2597 cubes.

chrisbundy.com HP 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com HP 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com HP 3.jpg

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison portrait sculpture. I shaped wood into a 1 1/4″ thick slab with some waves in it. Then painted his pose in 4 shades. 23×48″. Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light…

chrisbundy.com JM 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com JM 2.jpg

Bald Eagle
Wood was chopped into 5/8” cubes with 7 depths. 14 shades of white and gray. 7 dark browns. About 20 colors for the beak and eye. Black background. So around 40 colors total. 25×37”. 2128 pieces.

chrisbundy.com BE 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com BE 3.jpg
chrisbundy.com BE 2.jpg

Blue Rays Sculpture
Here’s a sculpture I made. I shaped wood into a 1 1/4” thick slab with some curves and painted it with 2 shades of blue. 6 stripes on the front and 2 on the back. 11” wide, 68” tall and weighs 30 lbs. Also made the stand that it’s on and it took a lil magic to get it to balance.

Sculpture Blue 2.jpg
Sculpture Blue 1.jpg
Sculpture Blue 4.jpg
Sculpture Blue 3.jpg

Kurt Cobain
This is from Nirvana’s 1993 MTV Unplugged masterpiece. 27×31” with 2021 pieces and 9 shades of blue. Also pictured are the 2×4’s from which I chopped up the cubes.


chrisbundy.com KC 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com KC 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com KC 3.jpg

Marilyn Monroe
Here’s a portrait sculpture I made of Marilyn Monroe. I shaped wood into a 1” thick slab with the perimeter and corners bowed. The white paint is a textured matte finish and the black is gloss. 30×40” and it weighs 30 lbs.

chrisbundy.com MM 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com MM 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com MM 3.jpg

Willie Nelson
5/8″ cubes. 23×34″. 8 colors. 1872 pieces.

chrisbundy.com WN 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com WN 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com WN 3.jpg

Bob Marley
48x48x2.5″. Made with the 4 Rasta colors, Red, Black, Green, Gold with a sky blue background. I also built the frame and stretched the canvas over it.

chrisbundy.com BM 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com BM 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com BM 3.jpg

Marilyn Monroe
5/8″ cubes. 24×42″. 9 colors. 2268 pieces.

chrisbundy.com MM3 1.jpg
ChrisBundy.com Marilyn Monroe 2.jpg

Apollo 11
The wood was milled and chopped into cubes with 7 different depths, then  arranged to make a left to right wave pattern. 2279 pieces. 20 shades. 27×34″.

chrisbundy.com A11 1.jpg
chrisbundy.com A11 2.jpg
chrisbundy.com A11 3.jpg

Abbey Road
Here’s a painting sculpture I made of the Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road. I shaped wood into a 48x48x1.5” thick slab with the some curves in it. 3 shades were used.

Beatles Abbey Road Sculpture 1.jpg
Beatles Abbey Road Sculpture 2.jpg
Beatles Abbey Road Sculpture 3.jpg
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