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Wood Panels are a superior painting surface. Here’s a cinder block resting on one of my 35x48x2” panels with zero give or damage. A fraction of this weight would permanently destroy a canvas. I put a level on it to illustrate the zero give, you can see it’s completely flush with the panel. This one is gessoed. The Mona Lisa was painted on a wood panel…


San Diego Thursday 12/8. Hello Artists!!! Since 2006 I've been making Wood Panels for you to paint on. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. 1/4" birch for the facing and 3/4" plywood for the sides. The 48" dimension is 47.5". Please contact me if you have any questions. See My Art

Available inventory for pick up. 2" Profile. (23x23" $40). (23x35" $60). (30x30" $70). (23x48" $85). (35x48" $95). (48x48"  $115). (48x60" $150). (48x72" $175). Nationwide shipping on panels in My Shop

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